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Water Credits In Monterey County.

Just some quick notes about Water Credits.. If you switch some of your older fixtures to more water efficient devices the county will give you more credits. (more on this later. )

For remodel and addition permits, the same water permit process applies to calculating the fees as for new connections, except that no charge is made for exterior uses. Take the total the number of fixture units to be added to the property and multiply the total by $229.79 to determine the water permit processing fees.

What is a “Water Permit?”
A water permit allows an applicant to obtain a building permit and set a water meter or intensify water use on an existing connection. A water permit is also needed to set additional water meters or to change the size of an existing water meter. Normally, permits can be processed within a week if there are no deed restrictions required
(deed restrictions take 4 to 6 weeks to prepare, review and record.)

When is a water permit required?
A water permit is required whenever a new water use (connection) is created and/or whenever additional water fixtures are added or when the capacity of an existing connection is changed or intensified. Water permits may only be issued for approved projects. Listed below are just a few examples of types of projects that require permits:
* Construction of a new home or business
* Remodels/additions to existing homes (includes ORD. 98) or businesses
* Construction/addition of a pool
* Addition of landscaped area
* Enlargement or splitting of a meter
* Changes of use from one type of business to another

WATER USE CREDIT – “Water Use Credit” a limited entitlement by a person to
use a specific quantity of water upon a specific site.

WATER CREDIT – “Water Credit” a record allowing reuse of a specific quantity
of water upon a specific Site.
Below is a list of how many credits are needed to add the following items

Washbasin (lavatory sink), each x 1 per unit
Two Washbasins in the Master Bathroom x 1 per unit
Toilet, Ultra Low-Flow (1.6 gallons-per-flush) x 1.7 per unit
Toilet, High Efficiency (HET) (1.28 gallons max. avg. per flush)* x 1.3 per unit
Toilet, Ultra Low-Flow (0.5 gallon-per-flush)* x 1.0 per unit
Urinal (1.0 gallon-per-flush) x 1.0 per unit
Urinal (0.5 gallon-per-flush) x 0.5 per unit
Zero Water Consumption Urinal x 0.0 per unit
Master Bathroom: Bathtub (may be Large Bathtub) & Separate Shower x 3.0 per unit
Large Bathtub (over 55 gallons, may have Showerhead above) x 3.0 per unit
Standard Bathtub (may have showerhead above) x 2.0 per unit
Shower, Separate Stall x 2.0 per unit
Shower, each additional fixture x 2.0 per unit
Shower System, Rain Bars, or Custom Shower (per specs) x
Kitchen Sink (including optional adjacent Dishwasher) x 2.0 per unit
Kitchen Sink with adjacent Ultra-Low Consumption Dishwasher* x 1.5 per unit
Dishwasher, each additional (including optional adjacent sink) x 2.0 per unit
Dishwasher, ultra-low consumption, each additional (including opt. adjacent sink) x 1.5 per unit
Laundry Sink/Utility Sink x 2.0 per unit
Washing Machine x 2.0 per unit
Washing Machine, ultra-low consumption (18 gallons maximum per cycle)* x 1.0 per unit
Washing Machine, ultra-low consumption (28 gallons maximum per cycle)* x 1.5 per unit
Bidet x 2.0 per unit
Bar Sink/Vegetable Sink x 1.0 per unit
Swimming Pool x 1.0 (each 100 square-feet of pool surface area)
Credit is available for installing District-approved water saving devices



  1. If your property has a well, do water credits apply?

    • Potentially no. Properties which have wells for their only source of water are not limited by the water credit system. Many home with wells have a combination of both well water and public water (Cal Am). These homes will have to work out which credits are needed from the different sources to accomplish their needs.

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